Welcome to the Rage Cage Gaming Community! Because video games FAIL at making you happy.
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If you see people with colored names, they are extra special. They paid money to this crappy website to keep it visible on the internet for everyone to bask in its glory.

Roll over their names to justify their existence.

Steam Community

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Whoa. Whoa. WHOA! Back that shit up! We have a STEAM COMMUNITY PAGE? Damn right we do. A crowning achievement that no other community can match.

We're putting the link up on the shelf with our tee ball trophies and Gamestop pre-orders. Oh. Also on here too. Just because we know you want to witness this level of awesome.
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Our message board is a pinnacle of emptiness that all ghost towns aspire to be. Typing your boring gibberish about how Valve™ should make My Little Pony items for Team Fortress 2 will go without incident here because NOBODY EVER VISITS.

Dear god. Click on the link. Visit the forums. Write your Twlight fanfic. We don't care. We hate seeing a $100 forum license go to waste.